The Essential 6 hrs - 150 km

Noumea, NC

2019-07-24 - 02:04 2019-07-24 - 02:04

The Essential 6 hrs - 150 km

The Essential 6 hrs - 150 km

For those who don’t want to miss a single aspect of the Grand South’s tragic beauty. Take a trip into the heartland, into a wild and ochre coloured nature. We offer insights into the history of the penal colony of Prony, a 4-wheel drive into the barren landscapes of the ancient iron mine, a trip to the Madeleine waterfall and a picnic on the banks of the river “Rivière des Lacs” followed by a 4-wheel drive around Yaté lake to enjoy the splendours of its magical lights.


From: 2019-07-24 - 02:04

To: 2019-07-24 - 02:04

Place: Noumea, New Caledonia

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