The Great tour 8h30 - 250 km

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19/09/2018 08:00 19/09/2018 16:30 Noumea, NC

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The Great tour 8h30 - 250 km

All you should not miss...and more. This excursion in our off road vehicle takes you to the gates of the “forgotten coast” and into the very south, the unspoiled end of the island for a lunch with locals and fresh product, in Port Boisé an eco-lodge on a paradise beach. And the way back will surprise you with many unforgettable sights between the sea, the rivers and lakes: the Goro lagoon, the Wadiana waterfall and the rivermouth of the Yaté.


From: 19/09/2018 08:00

To: 19/09/2018 16:30

Place: Noumea, NEW CALEDONIA

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